Speed is Everything.
City-Guide ISP is a full service Internet Business Provider. Our focus is to put the power of the Internet on your desktop and provide you with a dedicated support team ready to help you navigate your way through the choppy waters of the Internet. From the actual connection, be it Dial-Up or Dedicated Access, to hosting your Web site, or designing a site and running it from a server custom built for you, City-Guide has a solution thatís right for you.

The backbone of City-Guide is a multi-homed redundant network with the power of multiple OC3, and T3 connections. City-Guide can offer you the cleanest network in the Tampa Bay area. We connect to the AT&T;, Digex/IBI, Sprint, Time Warner/Inc. Net and UUNet backbones; they are the fastest and most reliable networks in existence.

Directing that power is our 24 hour a day, 365 day a year support team that proactively monitors the network and responds to any problems that you may have. Working alongside our Support Team we have a group of Professional Web Designers and System Engineers who can design an Internet solution to make your presence felt on the World Wide Web.
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