City-Guide ISP, a full service Internet provider, can supply the dedicated bandwidth you require to make your business soar. From a 64k ISDN all the way up to a full 1.5 Mb T-1 and beyond.

The backbone of City-Guide is our multi-homed redundant network with the power of multiple OC-3's and DS-3's. City-Guide can offer you the cleanest network in the Bay Area. We connect to AT&T;, UUnet, Digex, Time Warner Telecom, Sprint, and Cable&Wireless;' backbones, the fastest and most reliable networks in existence. Unlike many Internet service providers who oversell bandwidth or sell you burstable data transfer, City-Guide provides you every megabit of capacity you are paying for.

Our outstanding relationship with key backbone providers and phone companies makes for a seamless switchover, no downtime, and the quickest possible resolution of any conflicts. We maintain over a 99% uptime, and have experienced no cluster loss in the last twelve months; this is due to our cutting edge hardware backed by a support team providing 24/7 monitoring and technical support.

With City-Guide you can concentrate on harnessing the power of the Internet and let us worry about making sure the power never goes out. If you have any questions or comments let us know.

GTE aDSL circuit prices and speeds-check GTE's aDSL circuit pricing.

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ISDN Setup Monthly
64K $199.95 $199.95
128K $199.95 $299.95

768/128K Bronze Plus $39.95 $15.95
256/64K Bronze $39.95 $18.95
384/384K Silver $39.95 $38.95
768/768K Gold $39.95 $98.95
1.5mbs/768K Platnium $39.95 $198.95

256/64K Bronze $39.95 $98.95
768/128K Bronze Plus $39.95 $98.95
384/384K Silver $39.95 $189.95
768/768K Gold $39.95 $289.95
1.5mbs/768K Platnium $39.95 $398.95

Dedicated Frame Setup Monthly
64K $295.95 $295.95
128K $295.95 $395.95
256 $295.95 $695.95
384K $295.95 $895.95
1.5mbs T-1 $295.95 $1400.00

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