The Internet is no longer a privilege or indulgence enjoyed by the few; it is a part of our daily lives. Students need internet access to do research. Consumers need the internet to find the best price on a product. Businesses need to investigate their competition. Everyone needs to know the latest news, faster than the television and radio can relay it. The power of the internet is now available for as little as $9.95 per month, with no setup fees! With so much on the internet to help you in your daily life, how can you afford to wait any longer for internet access?
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Dialup Analog
56k Dialup:
  • Supports kFlex and ITU V.90 56k Standards for the fastest, most compatible connection.
  • NO Setup!
  • Monthly $9.95

64k ISDN:
  • NO Setup!
  • Monthly $9.95

128k ISDN:
  • NO Setup!
  • Monthly $19.95

All Accounts Include 1 Pop3 E-Mail Account.
Additional E-Mail Accounts can be purchased !

Note: Dial-up Access accounts are intended for Users who periodically access the Internet for information, browsing and file transferring. Customers who wish to connect servers or remain connected to the Internet for extended periods of time can subscribe to any one of a wide variety of City-Guide's dedicated access connection services, or even better yet, City-Guide can host your Web pages and files at prices so competitive, you'll never want the aggravation of trying to manage your own Web site and network connections again! For more details please see our revised Internet Access Agreement. For more information call us at 877-city888.

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