Today you can administer systems just as effectively by remote as you can in person. If you need a high-speed connection for your Internet Server, but don't want to pay for a T1 or other connectivity to your office or location, co-location is a great alternative. If you already have a server to locate your web site, and are looking for a place to put it, or you want to lease one from us you've come to the right place.

Speed is a major concern when co-locating a server. Our network is both fast and reliable. Our connection is monitored 24/7 by our personnel and our provider. We connect to AT&T;, UUnet, Digex, Time Warner Telecom, Sprint, and Cable&Wireless;' backbones, the fastest, and most reliable networks in existence. Should anything happen that affects your server's Internet Connectivity, our network technicians will be paged and respond instantly.

We constantly monitor our network's bandwidth utilization to ensure that our customers have more than enough bandwidth for their needs.

Let us design a server to meet your specific needs.

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   User Provided Hardware P-233 PII-333 PII-450 Dual PII-450
Setup $250.00 $250.00 $375.00 $525.00 $925.95
Monthly $375.00 $375.95 $425.95 $550.95 $1025.95
Standatd Features               
Windows NT 4.0
Base Ram(more available) 128 128 128 256 512
Root Access
Remote Control Software
24/7 Monitoring Automatic Problem Report
8 Gig Hard Drive
1 Static ip Address
Switched 10/100 Port on Redundant T3 Network
All Servers are easily upgradable to facilitate growth
This Charge Does Not Include Bandwidth

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